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“I don’t think it was a dog. The bites were deeper and more vicious. Besides, if he’d been mauled by a dog I would have started sneezing the minute he came in.” Everyone in the Emergency Department knew about Janet’s allergy to dogs. Whoever worked triage understood not to give her patients who had run-ins with biting dogs.

Jack scanned the pictures and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t see anything.”

“Let’s get him back to his room. I need to get a Foley in him before day shift arrives. I don’t need them bitching about me leaving work for them.”

Alone with her patient, Janet removed the catheter kit from the supply cabinet and placed it on the bed. She closed the curtain to insure privacy. Not that he would complain; he was still completely out.

She tossed back the covers and took the time to dress the man in a hospital gown. The stranger was built. Tan, muscular and good lord his package was something to be reckoned with. Janet didn’t make a habit out of really noticing her patients ‘packages’, in fact, she couldn’t remember ever really looking before. Okay, maybe she looked, but she never ogled. This man was well worth ogling.

Embarrassed over where her eyes landed, she opened the Foley catheter kit and prepared to insert the tube to collect his urine. Good thing he’s out. She’d hate to be caught staring at the man’s assets. How unprofessional.

Gloved up, she lifted his penis and lubed the end of the catheter tubing. Out of habit she murmured, “This is going to hurt you, more than me.”

A strong voice from the top of the bed stopped her mid stride. “Don’t you think I should know your name first?”

Shocked, Janet let out a little shriek. Her grip tightened on the man’s penis, her eyes shot up to his face. Deep blue eyes swirled and sparkled with a hidden smile, yet his lips remained in a thin line.

She opened her mouth to speak but no words came.

“Well?” he asked, his voice thick and drawn out.

“The doctor needs a urine sample,” Janet blurted.

John Doe’s eyes traveled to his private parts. In that second, Janet felt his penis twitch and start to harden.

“Oh, God!”

She jumped back, dropping his erect penis in her haste. Her face turned red so fast, Max thought she might spontaneously combust right in front of him.

She was utterly frazzled, it took every effort for him not to bust out laughing. She couldn’t be more than five-feet-six, her body shape hidden by the outfit she wore. Small but mighty, he thought. Obviously, she wasn’t used to being caught off guard.

He’d awoken in some crazy places, some outrageous situations. But this was a first. “I’m in a hospital?”

“Yes, County General.”

Her eyes refused to meet his. They did, however, scan his body. Unable to control the reaction to her open stare his body responded. Her scent filled his brain. He stifled an audible sniff, but he smelled her nonetheless. Her eyes hid her desire, but her scent didn’t. Something else permeated the air, but he wasn’t certain what it was.

She started clearing away the catheter tray, her composure returned. In a casual gesture, she covered his exposed frame and tossed away her supplies. “You can give the doctor a sample, now that you’re awake.”

“A sample of what?”


“Oh, yeah.” Max sat up and removed the patches from his chest.

“Hey, what are you doing?”


“You can’t do that.”

Max continued to dislodge the medical equipment, ignoring her words. “I’m not sick. I don’t need a hospital.”

“You were unconscious a minute ago. And have been for at least a half an hour. I think you should have a workup.”

Max stood up, the cold hospital floor met his feet. Half an hour? How the hell did that happen? He peered through a small slip in the curtain, which gave him a view of the busy emergency department. It was then he saw him, off in a corner in deep conversation with another patient.

Instantly on alert, Max stepped back out of view, his mind raced for an escape. He took a glance at his naked knees and bare feet. He needed clothes. “Is there an extra pair of scrubs I can borrow?”

The nurse cocked her head to the side and took a step closer to him. “Do you remember your name?”

He tore his eyes from his enemy and settled his gaze on her. “What’s your name?”

“I asked you first.”

His chuckle caught him by surprise. Her scent made his body ache. Damn after effect of the change. This time it seemed so much more powerful. “Max. My name is Max.”

“Do you know why you were unconscious, Max?”

He couldn’t stop from moving closer to her, something radiated off of her that drew him in. He towered over her, all six-foot-two of him. “I think you need to tell me your name.”

Her eyes drifted to his chest, her lower lip sucked in. “Janet O’Brien.”

Max reached out and placed her left hand in his. He brought it to his lips and kissed the back of it. Her pulse jumped. She didn’t wear a ring. “Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me, Janet. But I really need to be on my way.”

She was blushing again, this time a smile laced her features. “You’re going to have to sign out against medical advice.” She removed her hand from his. “I’ll go get the paperwork.”

She started to move from the room, but Max stopped her. “Miss O’Brien?”


“Don’t forget the clothes.”

She nodded, pivoted and left his side. His cheek twitched. Her cute little butt swayed in rhythm with her hips as she walked past the nurse’s station and disappeared from sight. His eyes drew to thin slits. Gorman’s steadfast stare followed the hot pink uniform as well.

She emerged with an arm full of clothes. Then, quick as a snake, his rival’s hand shot out and stopped her in her path.

Every muscle in Max’s body tightened. Gorman kept his grip on Miss O’Brien’s arm while he spoke with her. When she backed up, Max saw her unease.

He could smell her fear.

She ended her discussion and turned Max’s way.

Gorman’s eyes raked her frame when she walked away. Damn. He just picked his next target. The sexy little blonde nurse won’t stand a chance when Gorman makes the change later tonight.

“Here you go,” she handed him the scrubs.

Max closed the drape behind her. “So, Miss O’Brien, when do you get off?”

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