Broken Dreams Page 1

Author: Kelly Elliott

Series: Broken #2

Genres: Romance , New Adult

High School: Sophomore Year

“He is so dreamy. God, Court, I can’t believe he asked you!”

I rolled my eyes as my best friend, Whitley, jumped up and down with excitement. I knew I should have waited until later and told her on the phone.

“Jesus, Squeak, keep it down. I don’t want the whole world knowing,” I said in a hushed voice as I pulled her into the girls’ restroom.

“Lollipop, Noah Wylie just asked you to the prom. The prom! Your brother’s best friend, who you have lusted over for the last…how many years? The prom!” she yelled out as she began jumping up and down again.

I couldn’t help but giggle. It was true. I’d been lusting after him ever since I could remember. I loved that dark hair of his and those deep green eyes that felt like they pierced my soul. He’d finally noticed me, and my brother was going to freak when he found out, which made this all the sweeter.

“Court, what did you say?” Whitley asked as she clapped her hands.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I told him I’d think about it.”

“What?” Whit yelled out.

I lost it, laughing, from the expression on her face. “I’m totally kidding, Squeak. I said yes, but I told him if he thought he was going to be getting a piece of ass, he had another thing coming.”

Whitley’s mouth dropped open, and she leaned against the sink, shaking her head. “Court, he would never expect you to sleep with him. I mean, my God, he’s your brother’s best friend, and Tyler would kill him.”

I shrugged my shoulders again. “I hope so. When I said it, I was kidding, but he got a funny look in his eyes. It did something weird to my stomach, like…I think I got turned-on by it.”

“Shit, Court. You wouldn’t…sleep with him, would you?” Whitley asked with wide eyes.

I gave her a wicked smile. “He’s so perfect, Whitley, and he’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of, but I don’t think I could do that. I’m only sixteen, and he’s almost eighteen and getting ready to leave for college. I want my perfect moment, ya know? I want the whole thing with Prince Charming sweeping me off my feet. I want the romance. I am wondering though why he asked me to prom. I mean, he’s never given me a second glance, and he’s always treated me like…well, like I’m his best friend’s little sister.”

Whitley gave me a big smile. “Maybe he’s liked you this whole time, and he is just now getting the nerve to ask you out.”

I smiled back. “Maybe! I hope so. Anyway, we need to go shopping for a dress this weekend. I know we have a few more months before the prom, but a girl can never start looking too early for a dress!”

Whit started with the whole damn jumping thing again. “Yes! Oh, this is going to be so much fun! It’s your first real date and with the guy you have dreamed of going out with. It couldn’t be any more perfect, Lollipop!”

I giggled as we made our way out of the restroom. “I know. And his parents are out of town this weekend, so I get to see him at my house for four whole days!”

We headed out to the parking lot to go to Whit’s house. As we both laughed and talked about the prom on the way to my car, I glanced over toward my brother’s Jeep. Noah was leaning against it, looking sexy as hell. He smiled at me, and I smiled back.

Yep, this is going to be perfect. My Prince Charming finally noticed me.

Twelve Hours Later

I heard my bedroom door open and then quietly shut. I opened my eyes and saw it was almost three thirty in the morning. I turned around to see Noah standing over my bed, looking down at me. I smiled, but he didn’t smile back.

I sat up and tilted my head. “Noah? Is everything okay?”

“Do you know how many times I’ve come in here and watched you sleep, Courtney?”

My heart started pounding. “Um…really? Why?”

He smiled slightly and shook his head. “It’s taken everything out of me to wait until you were older.”

My stomach dropped, and I couldn’t figure out what he was saying. “Noah, I’m confused. What are you talking about?”

He put his finger up to his lips and smiled bigger. “Lie down, Courtney. I’ve waited long enough.”

Oh. My. God. Please…no… “Um…Noah, I think you should probably leave my room. If my dad or brother find you in here, they’re gonna—”

The next thing I knew, his hand was covering my mouth, and he was forcing me down. I tried to scream and push his hands away.

He put his lips right next to my ear, and at first, his hot breath calmed me, but then he started talking. “I swear to God, Courtney, if you scream or tell anyone about what we are about to do, I will hurt your brother so badly that he can say good-bye to his football scholarship.”

My eyes widened, and I felt the tears building.

“Are you going to make any noise, Courtney?” he asked as he looked me in the eyes.

Those eyes that used to hold me captive now only made me sick to my stomach.

What is he planning on doing to me?

“Courtney, answer me,” he whispered as he lifted his hand off my mouth.

I slowly shook my head and said, “I won’t make a sound.”

He smiled. “Good girl. I’ve been waiting for you, Courtney. You’re going to be mine.”

I tried to keep in the sob, but it escaped. “Noah…why? Why are you doing this?”

He slowly started pulling off his boxer shorts, exposing himself to me. I felt like I was going to throw up.

No! No, this is not how my first time is supposed to be! He’s supposed to make it special. He’s supposed to make me feel like I am his everything.

Oh God, please don’t let this happen.

This is not how it happens in my dreams! He is supposed to love me. I’m supposed to love him.

God, please no.

The moment his hands touched me, I jumped and let out a gasp.

He put his hand over my mouth again. “If you can’t be quiet, I’m going to have to do something I don’t want to do.”

I quickly nodded my head, terrified of what he was talking about.

He started pulling up my T-shirt, and he looked my body up and down. When he began sliding off my panties, I grabbed his hands.

“Noah, please…oh God, please don’t do this.”

“You want this, Courtney. I see how you look at me. You want me just as much as I want you.”

I thrashed my head back and forth as I cried, “No! I don’t. I don’t want this.”

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